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You may view the last five Sunday sermons below or click on the following link to go to our church's FaceBook page where you can view them and all prior sermons. (Note: Our video archives for Sunday morning sermons only goes back to March 22, 2020, but you can listen to Audio archives of all sermons going back to 2017. Click here to access the Sermons Archive page, where you will also find archived links to Bible studies).

Sunday, June 26
The Epistles of John #3: "Love One Another"
Sunday, June 19
The Epistles of John #2: "Walk in the Light"
Sunday, June 12
The Epistles of John #1: "Introduction to the Epistles of John"
Sunday, June 5
Guest Speaker: Rev. Jonathan Puckett
Sunday, May 22
"Be" Attitudes from the Beatitudes #9: "Those Who Suffer Persecution"
Sunday, May 15
Guest Speaker: Rev. Earl Cross
Sunday, May 8
"A Mother Who Prays, Trust, and Believes"